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Top 10 Baby Gear I’m Thankful For in 2013


It’s that time of year again, when we all reflect on the things we are thankful for. I try hard not to be all mushy on here. I could tell you about all the things in my life like my son, my husband, my family that I’m thankful for, but those things are implied and probably wouldn’t be all that interesting for you.

Instead, I’m going to give you the top 10 baby products that I am most thankful for. Honestly, I’m not sure I could have survived the last 13 months without these things. So without further ado…

Top 10 Baby Products of 2013

1. Boon’s “Naked” Bathtub

This tub is all sorts of amazing. We have been using it daily since Baboo was a mere 2 weeks old. He’s now 13 months old and still fits in it perfectly. The tub has an incline for when they’re unable to sit up for long periods and then flattens into a perfectly sized tub for when they sit up well. I. Love. This. Tub. I should also note, that at first Khoza flat out refused to buy it for me. Refused. I was literally in tears in the baby store when he told me it was too expensive and made me pick out something else. Thankfully, a dear friend of mine who was also in charge of the baby shower for me at work knew how much I wanted it and made sure I got it. Khoza has since realized the error of his ways and we thank her every day for making sure we had it.

Boon Naked Tub

Baboo enjoying Boon’s “Naked” tub at age 2 weeks.

2. Skip Hop’s Zoo Towel & Mitt Set

Of the 5 towel designs Skip Hop makes, we have 3. That right there should tell you everything you need to know! The towels are large enough to wrap Baboo up easily in them, but also nice and plush and cuddly. The mitts are also awesome and double as a wash cloth and a bath time puppet. Baboo also loves the design and thanks to this towel, he now has an obsession with the blue Skip Hop dog. Not that I mind of course, cause I love it too. These towels are a must for any baby or toddler, and they’re large enough to grow with your child. (Note: We have a ton of gear from Skip Hop and it’s all amazing. Plates. Bowels. Sippy cups. Backpack. Bath time ducks, to name a few.)

Boon Naked Tub, Skip Hop Zoo Mitt, Safe Sippy 2

Baboo enjoying Boon’s “Naked” tub, his Safe Sippy 2 and his Skip Hop “Zoo” mitt

3. Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Bottle

Can you say most gorgeous bottle, EVER? I get compliments on these bottles every time I whip one out (which is a lot). Aside from the aesthetics, they’re also really good bottles. Be careful about putting them in the dishwasher (it’ll cause the paint to chip in my experience) and they obviously can’t go in the microwave. The stainless steel allows for easy warming of milk by simply running them under hot water for a bit and because they’re such high quality, they don’t leech any chemicals into the milk. The internal markings can be difficult to see at times and I’ve found that if you use nipples other than the ones they sell the bottles can leak. But all things considered, the Pura Kiki bottles are amazing & I see us continuing to use them for a long time (as regular drinking bottles and sippy cups).

4. UPPABaby Cruz

I begged Khoza for 2 months to get me this stroller and it was totally worth it. Originally we were using the Britax B-Agile as a travel system with our B-Safe car seat. It did its purpose, but in all honesty, I was never a fan. The B-Agile would easily tip, the black liner on the seat made the stroller incredibly hot, and the storage basket was practically nonexistent. After using it for 9 months, I was over it. Enter the Cruz. This stroller is gorgeous. Not only that, but the storage basket is large enough to carry my over-sized diaper bag and my purse and then some. It has an extremely sturdy feel to it and steers beautifully. I loooove that the seat is reversible and has a very deep recline. The sun shade is also huge and lately has served as extra protection against the cold, winter wind. That said, the stroller is also much larger when folded than our B-Agile was and doesn’t fit in the trunk of our car if the seat is attached. This doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers Khoza, but it’s something to consider if you have a car.

5. The Safe Sippy 2

There aren’t many straw based stainless steel sippy cups on the market right now, but there doesn’t need to be because The Safe Sippy 2 is perfection. The bottle is stainless steel and it has a nice cushion to help with gripping along the outside. For the younger tots, like Baboo, the removable handles are key. At the top is a nice, hard plastic straw and a removable one on the inside. Baboo is so obsessed with this sippy we had to buy 3 so he always has one.

6. Boon’s Flair Highchair

I have to admit, I loved Boon before I even had Baboo. Their stuff is stylish, modern, colorful and unlike anything else on the market. Thankfully, it’s also functional and well made. Enter the Flair highchair. Babies are incredibly messy (who knew!?) and this chair makes cleaning up after meals a breeze. There’s hardly any places for food to get stuck thanks to its almost completely solid plastic design. It wheels around on our hardwood floors nicely and I love how easy it is to raise and lower the height. Only downside is that it does stain if you aren’t quick to wipe things off like spaghetti sauce and there are some crevices for food to get stuck in. Otherwise, it’s amazing and you can buy extra colorful seat pads to switch up the look!

Boon Flair High Chair

Baboo at age 4 months in the Boon Flair high chair

7. Dapple Baby Cleaning Products

I get a little obsessive over what chemicals Baboo is exposed to, so I am incredibly grateful for Dapple Baby. I use their “Baby Bottle & Dish liquid” as well as the “Toy and Surface Cleaner” and have been impressed with both. I use the surface cleaner as my primary cleaning spray now and while it’s pricier than most, it’s worth the piece of mind of not having to rewipe down with water. The dish liquid also does exactly what it’s supposed to–clean Baboo’s bottles, plates, utensils, etc. My only complaint is that they don’t sell their products in larger sizes so I can avoid having to purchase them so frequently.

8. Trumpette Socks 

One of the drawbacks of having a boy is the shortage of incredibly cute clothes. Every now & then, I find something lust worthy for Baboo, but most of the time I find myself settling. After I opened the first box of Trumpette’s “Johnny’s” socks, I knew I would be hooked. 3 boxes later, the love affair is still going strong. These socks are adorable (or “adorabs” as I would very obnoxiously say in real life). Somehow they manage to stay on tiny, kicking baby feet, imagine that! They’re also incredibly durable. Baboo had 12 pairs of the 0-12 month socks (he’s since outgrown them) and they still look fantastic. The biggest downside of these socks is the price tag. $26.50 for 6 socks is a sticker shock for sure. But considering they lasted a year & Baboo managed to not lose any, I’d say it was worth the investment. I should also mention that we just got the toddler sized ones (these are $29.50 for 6, uuuurgh) and I love them for all the same reasons I loved the infant size, BUT they only make 5 styles for toddler boys and quite frankly I only liked 2 of them. Oh, and this totally won my heart as well, but when I ordered the last round of socks they were due to come in right before Halloween so Trumpette included complimentary “Boo!” socks. This thrilled me to no end, especially since the box said: “Smell my feet.” It’s the little things.

9. JJ Cole Bundle Me

Over the past 13 months, I’ve used 3 versions of the JJ Cole Bundle Me and each has been fantastic. We used the “Original” during the winter when Baboo was in his infant seat, the “Lite” for his infant seat in the spring, and now that he’s in a convertible, we use the “Urban” with the Cruz. The Bundle Me does exactly what it’s supposed to, bundle Baboo up to his neck (actually it would cover more than that, but my little nosy explorer would freak out if I covered his face) and keep him nice and toasty. It should be noted that you’re not supposed to use anything extra with car seats, so except when it was frigid, I only used the top when Baboo was in his infant seat. The Urban also fits our Cruz perfectly, so if you’re not impressed with the price tag on the UPPABaby brand foot-muff, this is a perfect alternative.

JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me and UPPAbaby Cruz

Baboo nice and toasty in his UPPAbaby Cruz with the JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me

10. Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag

One of the main requirements I had for a diaper bag was that it not look like a diaper bag. I also really wanted one that I could use as a purse when I was finished with it. Timi & Leslie’s “Charlie” diaper bag met both requirements. The bag is huge and has the perfect amount of pockets. It also came with a changing pad, insulated bottle tote and a matching clutch. Perfection. I’ve also gotten compliments from people on the bag who had no idea it was for lugging around spare clothes and diapers. That said, Khoza is never happy to carry it. He once threatened to buy his own “manly diaper bag” but never followed through (thankfully cause it would have been super annoying to keep transferring everything.) Also, because it is so big I find myself stuffing it full with unnecessary things (like right now you’d find bug spray in it. Who needs bug spray in the middle of winter?!) so it can be heavy. Thank goodness for the oversized basket of my Cruz though. I pop that baby in there and I’m good to go.

Disclaimer: These reviews were not in any way sanctioned by any of the above mentioned companies and none are affiliated with my blog. This is just my honest-to-goodness review of some of my favorite things.

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Baby Gear I’m Thankful For in 2013

  1. I just wanted to leave a comment regarding the jj cole original carseat cover. Part of that cover goes under the straps of the carseat which is not recommended as it is unsafe and will invalidate your carseats warranty. Nothing should go under the straps. The Facebook group carseats for the littles has good information about this and other aspects of carseat safety.

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  3. I’m so glad I came across your blog! I think I found it through Top Mommy Blogs. I LOOOVE our Bundle Me… We’ve been using it with the jogging stroller. I look forward to catching up on your archives! I just started blogging, so feel free to visit me at

    Have a great night!

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